NOTE - as of August 2018 Quizlet requires students and everyone to sign-up. Rest assured Quizlet is still a FREE service. Students are encouraged to only supply the necessary information required to sign-up, namely date of birth, username, email and password. That's it! It is up to students if they wish to sign up for email alerts, promotions and more.

More information can be found here: https://quizlet.com/blog/dont-have-a-quizlet-account-heres-why-wed-like-you-to-create-one

Quizlet is a very effective resource for quick learning of key terms and language - that's all. That's not to say it is not important but one might argue that the best direct way to really be ready for the listening exam is exam practice questions and papers.

With that being said, the ultimate way to be ready for your listening exam is a combination of lots of things which are all explained here. Use them all, including Quizlet to fully prepare yourself.