Practical Coursework (controlled assessment)

Practical coursework accounts for 60% of the entire GCSE music qualification. The practical coursework is further split into two components - each 30%

As you can see, both components, Integrated Portfolio and Practical Component, each contain one performance and one composition.

Therefore, in total students must submit TWO performances and TWO compositions for the entire course, as shown at the top of the page. The main difference between the performances and compositions for each component are as follows:

  • The performance for Integrated Portfolio can be a solo piece where students perform entirely on their own

  • The performance for Practical Component MUST be an ensemble performance piece where students perform as part of a group - minimum two musicians in total (a duo)

  • The composition for Integrated Portfolio is to students' own brief. They can compose whatever they wish, in a style they prefer

  • The composition for Practical Component is to the exam board's brief, OCR, and this brief is only released at the start of the academic year in year 11.

Click on the headers above or the links below for detailed information and resources related to each component

(performance 1; composition 1)

(performance 2; composition 2)