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Speak Up! If you do not understand something after following the instructions then you must speak up. Don't be worried about asking for assistance, that's what teachers want you to do!

You can always message your teacher in a one-to-one chat in your Teams lesson or at anytime outside of the lesson.

It's your job to ask for assistance if you need it - it's your teacher's job to help you.

You will be having to watch LOTS of video content

You should also wear headphones to make sure you can hear the video clearly

If the videos don't work try these tips:

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Film Music - Introduction V4.mp4

Film Music - Introduction

Watch this introduction FIRST.

Then watch the following videos below in order.

Each video contains tasks that you must complete:

  1. Elements of Music - contains task 1

  2. Leitmotifs - contains tasks 2 and 3

  3. Creating Sounds - Musical Techniques - contains tasks 4 and 5

  4. Creating Your Leitmotif - contains task 6


Preparation Tasks - Get Ready

Now you have watched the introduction video above you have SIX tasks in the videos below that must be completed FIRST.

Watch the preparation tasks videos in order, 1 to 4. Submit your answers to the tasks in the videos via a one-to-one chat to your teacher on Teams. Each video also explains this.


Below are the four resources you will need to complete this topic. However, don't worry right now as each video below will tell you what resource you need and when you need it.

Aliens 1 minute.mp4

Film Clip

This is the 1 minute movie clip you are creating the music to. This has NO music

Worksheet Online 2021.pdf


The worksheet has all instructions needed. You will need this along with the videos below.


GarageBand is a FREE app for iPhones and iPads. This will allow you to record your piece eventually. If you don't want to install it due to storage space then you will have to PERFORM your film music piece - that's MUCH harder! Search 'GarageBand' in the app store


If you don't own an iPhone or iPad then BandLab is just as good. You only need an internet connection - no need to install anything as this is a website app.

Preparation Tasks Videos

1. Elements of Music.mp4

1. Elements of Music

Contains Task 1

Music makes use of 'elements'. It's important you understand what these are and how to use them.

2. Leitmotifs.mp4

2. Leitmotifs

Contains Tasks 2 + 3

Leitmotifs are very important in film music. This video explains what these are and how they're used.

You might wish to use the links below for the music for TASK 3 in this video.

3. Creating Sounds - Musical Techniques EDIT.mp4

3. Creating Sounds - Musical Techniques

Contains Tasks 4 + 5

This video will take you through creating your own sounds and using music techniques to make them sound even more creepy

4. Creating Your Leitmotif EDIT.mp4

4. Creating Your Leitmotif

Contains Task 6

This video is the last of the preparation tasks and will show you how to create your very own leitmotif using what you have learned from videos 1, 2, 3 & 4

Main Task

Now you have watched the four videos above and completed the task in the videos you now need to start creating and putting your music together to match the film clip.

Begin by watching video 5 below - 'Putting Music to the Script'

5. Putting Music to the Script

This video will explain how you begin using the script on the worksheet to plan your film music piece

6. Recording Your Music

Now that you have planned your film music piece, this video will explain how you record your piece into GarageBand or BandLab

Need to record your performance and send it to your teacher?

Send it via Microsoft Teams. If this is not possible then you can email it -

Collaboration - only BandLab allows your teacher to collaborate with you on your project. Just click the 'share' button in the top-right corner of your project like this image. Your teacher can then view and edit your project with you at the same time

Finished? Both GarageBand and BandLab allow you to export and share your project. This turns your project into an audio file which you can then easily share with your teacher.

This video shows you how to do this

Aliens Lab Attack Scene Edited.mp4

Original Clip With Music

Need to get inspiration from the original?

Watch this video which contains the original sound and music. Use the music to inspire your creation - WEAR HEADPHONES

IMPORTANT! You are only working with the 1st minute! However, feel free to watch the rest of the scene to see what happens.

This film is an 18 certificate BUT don't worry, this clip has been edited and there are no scenes of blood, violence, swearing or inappropriate content. When you're old enough feel free to watch the full movie

Poor internet connection? Videos STILL won't work (despite trying the tips at the TOP of this page)? Too noisy at home? Then if you really cannot join in and DO music then look below...

Simply click THIS LINK to be taken to a folder with some written music work you can do

Be sure to read the instructions FIRST once you do click on the link. Link to the questions is also below