Donating Equipment

The music department at Wrotham School benefits so much from the generous donations from parents and students.

Music can be a very expensive subject to run and much of the equipment used is very costly. While we do our best to purchase equipment when needed and continue to improve the department, there is still more that can help improve music at Wrotham School. Thankfully, students and parents have generously donated so much of the equipment that is needed, and continue to do so. As of June 2020 the following has been donated in the last six years directly or via fundraising:

  • 5 full size digital pianos

  • 3 full size acoustic upright pianos (sadly no longer with us but used lots up until 2019)

  • 1 full size MIDI keyboard

  • approximately 5 complete acoustic drum kits

  • 1 electric drum kit

  • approximately 18 guitars, both electric and acoustic and including bass guitars

  • approximately 8 guitar amps

  • 3 professional grade dynamic microphones

  • 1No. 18 channel digital wireless WiFi mixer

  • 1No. 10 channel mixing desk

  • 2 pairs of PA speakers

  • 1 digital keyboard

  • 2 djembes

  • 1 table top electric drum kit

Much more has been donated and this has helped the music department flourish, with students enjoying using this equipment on a daily basis.

We are interested in most instruments that are no longer used at home so please do get in contact if you have anything surplus to requirements. We are particularly interested in:

  • Digital pianos or stage pianos

  • Music technology such as mixing desks, microphones, interfaces and headphones

  • Microphone stands

  • Laptops or PCs that we can use to install music making software on (Cakewalk by Bandlab and/or Cubase Elements) - minimum core i3 or later

In certain circumstances we might need to turn down equipment if it is not suitable, costly to repair or maintain or if in fact we already have too many of what it is you are willing to donate.

Want to see this equipment in use?

Click HERE to view images from our annual summer concert

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