Ukulele - Three Little Birds

You will need a ukulele for this topic if you want to work on the topic from home also. There are lots of affordable ukuleles but we strongly recommend one affordable brand in particular; Octopus ukuleles. Link to the specific model that we use, the Octopus Soprano UK205 model, is HERE. We have used these ukuleles since 2014 and not one of them has failed. For around £27 there are few better affordable options.

And, by the way, we are NOT endorsed or affiliated with Octopus in any way - we just love their ukuleles!

MR LAVIOLETTE - Three Little Birds WEBSITE.pptx

PowerPoint Presentation

Please watch this presentation first.

Three Little Birds Ukulele Guide Sheet V1.pdf


This is the worksheet for the topic. Read it CAREFULLY

Three Little Birds in C for uke.m4a

Backing Track - in C major

Once you have worked through the worksheet and you are confident you can play the chords, following at least the Basic 1 strum pattern, then try playing with this backing track.