Practice Evidence Submission

Performance Media Submission

This feature is very much a new 'trial' feature whereby we aim to still have GCSE and Key Stage 5 students submit performance material for both assessment and entertainment performances. Modern technology allows for students to quite easily record themselves performing and we can then take this media and using a DAW (Reaper) and video editing software (HitFilm Express) clean it up and have it ready for presentation on this website. 

All students need to do is submit the performance

Checklist below to get a good recording:

Do not ignore these tips! Check that you are following each guideline one-by-one...

Intake 17 (Year 10) - GCSE Music Virtual Showcase 2021

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Alfie Bainbridge Domination 271120 final video.mp4

Year 11 - solo performance

'Domination' by Pantera - solo electric guitar + backing track

During year 11 students must record and submit two performances - one solo performance and one as part of an ensemble. This is a solo performance.

This performance was filmed at the end of November in our new drama studio. The studio is huge, has plenty of space and lots of windows so we will likely use this space for recording and filming our year 11 performances that are to be submitted this year. 

Intake 17 (Year 10) - Class Performances - Dec 2020

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7F 12 bar blues 10 Dec 2020.mp4

Year 7 - 12 Bar Blues topic

Year 7 cover the 12 Bar Blues topic during term 2. Here is an example of the type of class assessment that they all take part in. You will see that the topic has various parts from a main drummer through to individual improvisation parts on keyboard.

Link to the topic HERE 

9C Everything I Wanted Term 2 10 Dec 2020.mp4

Year 9 - Everything I Wanted

Year 9 do music once for one term only. They learn to play 'Everything I Wanted' by Billie Eilish as a class ensemble with guitar, bass, drum, ukulele, singing, piano and keyboard parts. Here is a filmed performance from a class at the end of term 2.

Link to the topic HERE

Joy of Life Trout in the Bath performance 17 Nov 2020 Including Audio Mix.mp4

Year 12 - Exploring Music in Context - Live Performance Adaptation

Our year 12s recently completed their first 'live' performance. Normally this would have been to an audience at lunchtime. However, we had to film this performance for you all to watch online. For this unit the students must perform several adaptations of music from a diverse array of contexts and backgrounds. This performance is an adaptation of an Irish jig. More details about this can be found HERE