Keyboards (flute & brass)


If you do not own a keyboard then use the following:

A touchscreen piano app for iOS or Android

'Piano' by Impala Studios for iPhones or iPads -

'Perfect Piano' for Android phones or tablets -

Online piano apps for laptops and PCs

Virtual Piano - - you can also use your typing keyboard to play the keys

Online MIDI piano - - this is another good online piano with more features than the above Virtual Piano

There are three sections to this piece

  • Section A

  • Section B

  • Section C

All sections of the song need to be learned. You can think of these as the kind of sections you would have in any song, with section A being the chorus, section B being the verse and section C being the middle eight or bridge.

The keyboards for section A have THREE parts.

  • Part I

  • Part II

  • Part III

You can pick ANY one of these parts for section A. They're all the same difficulty and can all be played at the same time. In other words, one student could play part I at the same time as another student playing part II.

You must read the instructions VERY CAREFULLY. The instructions also apply to sections B & C which are on the back of the sheet

Check the videos below which show you how to read the sheet and play the part. You can use whichever video you prefer to help you learn the parts

Instruction Videos - Watch First

Swingin Safari Score Play Through.mp4

All Sections

Play Through With SHEET

Swinging Safari Brass One A B C.mp4

All sections

Play Through With On-Screen Keyboard

Sheets - Sections A (I, II and III), B and C

Keyboards part A school closure 2020.pdf

Section A

Parts I, II and III

Keyboards part B school closure 2020.pdf

Sections B and C