Listening Exam

Preparation Booklet

What is the Listening Exam Preparation Booklet?

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How To Use the Listening Exam Preparation Booklet

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The Listening Exam Preparation Booklet has been created specifically for students as a quick guide on how to prepare for the listening paper. In many ways, it's almost a paper version of this website but just for the listening exam. There are lots of things that students need to know by the time of the exam and this book at the very least explains what they need to know so they can go in search of that information. For example, the first lot of pages help with the following:

  • Explaining how to use the glossary of the CGP study guide

  • How to revise in music using the S.M.A.R.T targets acronym

  • Useful website links and what they can help with

  • An overview of the three periods of composition and key composers for each period

  • An overview on what students MUST know for each Area Of Study and how to study for each

  • An explanation of what articulation and ornamentation is and the key techniques for both

There's much more in this book including suggested listening for students, guidance on how to make notes and all the symbols currently used in western staff notation.

A crucial booklet that every student must have and use regularly.

Listening Exam Preparation Booklet May 2019 Complete Booklet.pdf