Chair Drumming - School Closure 2020

Chair Drumming All Sections Virtual Class.mp4

COVID school closure 2020 Term 6 - Chair Drumming Virtual Band!

The video to the left features the students below playing all sections for this topic at 110 bpm - the full speed. They have done incredibly well to complete all SIX sections AND put them together AND practise their parts until they finally got it!

Amy Frazier, Aoife Oates, Benaiah Shonowo, Jean-Claude Sutcliffe, Scarlett Taylor and William Delf

We hope you enjoy listening to Wrotham School's Virtual Chair Drumming Band

Chair Drumming Welcome.mp4

Welcome to Chair Drumming!

FIRST, Check out the introduction video to the left

You must choose which group part you will play - Primary or Secondary

It doesn't matter which group you choose

Click on the links below to learn your parts


You must practise playing all sections you have learned with the backing track

Chair Drumming Sections ABACAD.mp3

Lots of students are submitting recordings playing just ONE section. To the left is an example of what you should be doing.

This student in year 7 learned section D then submitted themselves playing, A, B, A, C, A then D

The aim of this topic is for everyone to be able to play the whole piece which follows this order

A B A C A D E Ending