Transition Content

Years 5 & 6

Wrotham School's music department is a very exciting place to learn about music.

However, rather than write about it hopefully the content below will speak for itself.

Some parts of the music department website are still under construction - please bear with us. Anything you need to know that is not on the site then please get in contact

Our annual music concert takes place outside with a BBQ provided also. Click on the link for more details

Our annual GCSE Music Showcase involves students performing to parents for a special performance evening. Click on the link for more details

KS3 Music (Years 7 to 9)

Years 7, 8 & 9 study a range of topics including samba drumming, chair drumming, whole band pieces, Indian classical music, 12 Bar Blues, film music and so much more. Explore the website for more info

We have a dedicated school band for our exceptional musicians. Students also routinely create their own groups for GCSE music and sometimes for KS3 also

Lunchtime performances take place at the end of EVERY term. Any age is welcome. Click the link for more info

The commitment and hard work that goes into the high quality performance and composition work from our older students can be heard HERE

We have a school choir that is open to ALL students of ALL ages of ALL abilities. Think you can't sing? Then you MUST join our choir!

We have a dedicated samba drumming band (invite only). If you are an exceptional drummer then it's likely that you will be part of our band (irrespective of age!)

Want to actually have a go?

You don't need an instrument! Have a go at playing through part of one of our actual topics that we run during year 8 - Chair Drumming

Here's a taster...

(Occasionally, the videos don't open. If so then try clicking on the small 'pop out' button in the top right corner of the video - it should work then)

Chair Drumming Welcome.mp4

Welcome to Chair Drumming!

FIRST... the introduction video to the left

Ready to play?

Now Choose whether you will be Primary or Secondary

You cannot be both

Follow the tutorials below for section A then section B

Then see if you can play sections A then B in time with the backing track at the very end

You can choose if you will play FAST or SLOW

Chair Drumming Primary A.mp4

Primary Drummers

Section A

Chair Drumming Secondary A.mp4

Secondary Drummers

Section A

Chair Drumming Primary and Secondary B.mp4

Primary Drummers

Section B

Chair Drumming Primary and Secondary B.mp4

Secondary Drummers

Section B

Chair Drumming 75BPM and Click and Beep.mp3

Backing Track SLOW - 75 BPM

Chair Drumming 110BPM and Click and Beep.mp3

Backing Track FAST - 110 BPM