CGP Study Guide

The CGP study guide book is perhaps the most important resource for knowing everything necessary for the listening exam. Think of it as students' one-stop solution.

It’s available as a colour copy on this website but you can of course purchase the complete book also. Link to the actual booklet:

The booklet explains everything to students from the styles covered including key artists, instruments, techniques even explaining how the GCSE course works.

To help students absorb the content at the end of each topic/section there are:

  • warm-up questions

  • revision summary questions

  • exam style questions

  • and at the end of the book there's even a complete practice exam.

However, there is one more thing that students forget to do when using the guide and that is to use the glossary. The glossary page has all of the terms that students will come across during the GCSE music course. Next to each term is the page number where students can find the term explained in full, in its full context. This is a valuable method for learning about things that students might not know, might be struggling with or that they simply want to know.

All of the book is available below in sections.