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Siyahamba presentation.pptx


This presentation takes you through the basics of posture, breathing, warming-up and then starting the song.

Use the warm-ups below BEFORE you start singing the main piece

Papas Got a Head Like A Ping Pong Ball.mp3


Papa's Got A Head Like a Ping Pong Ball

12345678 warm up.mp3



Everytime I Get The Opportunity warm up.mp3


Everytime I Get the Opportunity



'Siyahamba' all parts together. This is just to show how all parts fit together. Most of you will only have learned the main part - soprano

Below are the parts for the A section of 'Siyahamba'.

Everyone is starting on the 'soprano' part to begin with.

Siyahamba Sop.mp3


Soprano - for high females and very high males. EVERYONE STARTS WITH THIS PART

Siyahamba Al.mp3


Alto - for normal females and high males (most year 7 males will be alto)

Siyahamba Te 8ve below.mp3


Tenor (one octave below - lower) - for high MEN and very low WOMEN. Most year 7s will not be able to sing this low! Please note that this recording is an octave lower, so you have to sing one octave higher.

Siyahamba Worksheet Score and Lyrics.pdf

Lyrics and music

Most students will only use the printed lyrics - second side/page 2 of the attached sheet. This has the words only. Green sections are the main part that everyone has to learn, the 'soprano' part. If you can read music then feel free to use the actual notation - first side.