Drumming Band

Previously 'samba' band

Our school drumming band used to be known as our samba band. Problem was that we didn't strictly always play samba rhythms, hence the name change.

The school drumming band is invite only and is there for those who have a knack, or 'gift' for drumming.

Drumming Band is COMPULSORY for GCSE students who play drums or percussion as their first or second instrument.

Because of this, the standard is high and we tackle quite difficult material to challenge our best drummers. Feel free to listen further below. We're very proud of our drumming band which is professional and fast-paced.

Our repertoire is contemporary and generally involves our music teachers taking rhythms from lots of influences and either learning all of them or combining and altering them to fit with our band. Some of these influences include:

Unfortunately, we do not have any recordings of actual performances but the rehearsal recordings below best demonstrate the atmosphere and culture of our drumming band. We're sure you will be very impressed with these unedited recordings from a few of our practice sessions in the past. New recordings will also appear in time.

Rehearsals take place after school up until 5.00pm. The day changes each year and this can be confirmed by contacting our music department. Typically, due to the school production music commitments up until Christmas, the drumming band starts from January in term three, through to the end of the academic year. The drumming band performs in our annual summer concert every year, details of which can be found here. If students who have not been invited think they've got what it takes and wish to join then they simply need to let our music department know at anytime. As stated, there is no audition required, all we ask is that you enjoy singing and are willing to work hard learning your part/s.

Samba 28 June 2019 Concert Prep.mp3

Samba Band - 28 June 2019 - concert prep session

Samba Band 7 Nov 2019.mp3

Samba Band - 07 November 2019 - rehearsal 'high school rhythm'

Samba Three Four 12 March 2020.mp3

Samba Band - 12 March 2020 - 'Three Four!' rehearsal

This was the last recorded session before the COVID pandemic school closure. This was a hard rhythm for them to learn. Many of these players had been in the 'samba band' since year 7 and it would have been incredible to hear this group at the peak of their ability. Hopefully, this recording captures some of their 'spirit'. They still had MONTHS of rehearsals to come and improve even further.