Notation - Canon year 8

You will be having to watch LOTS of video content

If the videos don't work try these tips:

  • Refresh your page

  • Make sure are using Chrome as your web browser. This might also apply to iPads and iPhones

  • When first landing on the website click the small 'pop-out' arrow button on the video thumbnail - this will open the video in another window and it should play

  • Try downloading the video once you open it in another window following point 3 above

Canon Year 7 - Introduction.mp4

Canon Year 8 - Introduction

Just a short - very short - introduction.

Once you have watched this please move on to watching the first THREE VIDEOS below titled

  • 'Canon Year 7 - Part 1 - Rhythm'

  • 'Canon Year 7 - Part 2 Pitch'

  • 'Canon Year 7 - Part 3 - Labelling notes and playing'

Canon Year 7 - Part 1 - Rhythm.mp4

Canon Year 8 - Part 1 - Rhythm

Watch this video first before moving down to the next video part 2

There are two challenges in the video that you MUST complete

Canon Year 7 - Part 2 - Pitch.mp4

Canon Year 8 - Part 2 - Pitch

Watch this video after watching Part 1 above

Then move on to the video below, part 3

There is a challenge in this video that you MUST complete. Link to the challenge is here:

Canon Year 7 - Part 3 - labelling notes and playing.mp4

Canon Year 8 - Part 3

Labelling notes & playing

You are now ready to start playing! Only watch this video once you have watched Parts 1 & 2 above

The videos below only need to be watched once you have PLAYED line 1 of the music (grade 1)

From here down the videos state what part of the music they relate to. For example, video 4 (part 4) is for when you are ready to begin line 2 (grade 2). More videos will appear each week for each next difficulty level. Keep checking...

Canon Year 7 and 8 - Part 4 - Notes above and below the stave edit.mp4

Canon Year 8 - Part 4

Notes above and below the stave

If you are now about to label grade 2 (line 2) then you will need to watch this video

Canon Year 7 and 8 - Part 5 - Playing in time.mp4

Canon Year 8 - Part 5

Playing in time

Once you can play grades 1 & 2 you must watch this video and work on playing both lines in time


Watch the videos above FIRST!!

Then you will need the resources below. You might need only some of them

Virtual Pianos for Phones and Tablets

If you don't own a piano or keyboard you can also use these touch screen pianos

Virtual Piano

If you cannot use your phone or a tablet as a touchscreen piano then click this link to use an online piano

Canon Main Part 2021 V1.pdf

Sheet Music

You will need this sheet to work from - if you cannot print the sheet then watch the videos below titled 'Having trouble printing the sheet...'

Canon presentation 2021 V1.pptx


You might need this presentation. However, the videos do also take you through the presentation


You may also need a metronome to keep you in time. Type 'metronome' into any Google search window. Your speed is 68 bpm

Canon - how to annotate your PDF sheet.mp4
Canon - how to annotate your PDF sheet.webm

Having trouble printing the sheet or can't draw on the sheet?

Watch this video! Both videos are the same just in case one doesn't work...

Need to check if what you are playing is correct? Watch this video tutorial!

Canon Play Through Video EASIER.mp4

Video Tutorial - Whole Piece

In addition to using the video guidance, presentation and sheet music above you can also use this tutorial to help you learn the entire piece of music. Some students might find this method easier as you can pause the video, slow things down and everything is all in one place

Canon Backing Track 2021 with metronome.mp3

Backing Track - Easier

When you are ready to play what you have learned in time then use this backing track. This backing track has a metronome also which makes it EASIER

Canon Backing Track 2021 NO METRONOME.mp3

Backing Track - HARDER

When you are ready to play what you have learned in time then use this backing track. This backing track has NO metronome.

Need to record your performance and send it to your teacher? or send it via Microsoft Teams

Use one the of apps below on your phone to record the audio only and you can share it with your teacher via their email address

The piano apps for your phone also have a record function on them. You can then share the recording from the piano app itself

The video below shows you how to do this

Canon Sharing Via Phone App.MP4

Example of how to record from your piano app on your phone

Poor internet connection? Videos STILL won't work (despite trying the tips at the TOP of this page)? Too noisy at home? Then if you really cannot join in and DO music then look below...

Simply click THIS LINK to be taken to a folder with some written music work you can do

Be sure to read the instructions FIRST once you do click on the link. Link to the questions is also below