Experimenting With Music - 20%

Music guide First assessment 2022.pdf

As with all units on this course it is highly recommended that students carry out additional reading for this unit. The music guide covers this unit, Experimenting With Music on pages 31 to 33 (general overview) and pages 59 to 64 (assessment overview)

Assessment Task Submission Overview

  • In this assessment component, you prepare a report explaining the processes for a series of musical experiments in creating and in performing, based on selected stimuli

  • Submissions will feature experiments with unfamiliar musical material from local and global contexts

  • The focus of this assessment task is not on preparing completed and polished works. Instead, your chosen excerpts are a demonstration of the experimentation process

The assessment task requires students to

  • submit a well-organized report that presents the student’s work in a relevant and informative way

  • engage with less familiar or unfamiliar music (for example, through choosing different areas of inquiry and considering local and/or global contexts)

  • identify how their musical findings relate to the practical work and integrate them.

This is evidenced in

  • Experimentation report

    • a clear rationale to guide the writing

    • a coherently structured commentary explaining the process of experimentation and its outcomes in relation to the practical work.

  • identify and respond to musical prompts and stimuli

  • experiment with unfamiliar elements

  • apply findings to inform the experimentation process

  • make musical decisions to develop practical work.

  • Musical excerpts

    • three excerpts of the student’s experimentation as a creator

    • three excerpts of the student’s experimentation as a performer.

Therefore for this assessment you will be presenting as a researcher and as a creator

As researchers, you will need to:

  • investigate and analyse material to identify and select relevant information that informs your musical experimentations

  • think critically about how the findings inform your practical work

  • justify the chosen experimentations and source materials, including the choice of contexts

  • In the commentary, explain the experimentation

  • reference additional evidence and source materials, as needed, to support the explanations in your commentary (for example, images, diagrams, screenshots, scores).

As creators and performers, you will need to:

  • demonstrate your process of experimentation with diverse musical material from local and/or global contexts

  • select from your music journals three related creating excerpts and three related performing excerpts that exemplify your decision-making and the process of developing ideas from musical stimuli

    • Things to note:

      • Experimenting with music from different areas of inquiry will allow students to be more diverse in their experimentations, and this will be reflected in their report
      • All decisions must be the student’s own decisions and must be sufficiently justified based on musical research and findings
      • The practical excerpts must be clearly referenced in the written work
      • Relevant excerpts from scores will be embedded into the written text and referred to using bars/measures, beats, parts/voices or other as appropriate; audio excerpts will be referenced with timings and uploaded separately in the relevant upload slot.

Submission Requirements

For submission, you must prepare a report that presents your work in a relevant, accessible and informative way. The report is supported by examples from your music journal, which evidence:

  • in-depth understanding of music from local and/or global contexts

  • understanding of the primary and secondary sources encountered

  • a selection of musical findings that is relevant to your practical work and informs the experimentation process

  • understanding of creating conventions

  • experimentation with unfamiliar elements in response to musical prompts and stimuli

  • musical decision-making to develop practical work.

Upload 1: Experimentation Report

A written report of maximum 1,500 words in two sections: “Creating” and “Performing”. Each section contains:

  • a rationale for the experimentation

  • a commentary on the musical decision-making, with clear and accurate reference to the excerpts in upload 2.

The following are not included in the word count.

  • Visual evidence integrated and referred to in the written text, including:

      • images, diagrams, screenshots, scores for analysed works (as appropriate to the style)

      • images, diagrams, screenshots, scores for experiments in creating and performing (as appropriate to the style)

  • A track list specifying the contents of the audio file in upload 2 with exact timings and labels of the excerpts

  • Appropriate citations in the text and a list of all source and stimulus material in the bibliography

Packaging of upload 1

• All written and visual information must be packaged into a single document (maximum 1,500 words).

• The file must be compiled in the following order:

▪ Section 1: Experimentation report—creating

▪ Section 2: Experimentation report—performing

▪ Section 3: Track list

▪ Section 4: Bibliography (not included in the word count)

Upload 2: Audio evidence

Audio evidence of maximum 10 minutes, containing:

  • three related excerpts of the experiments in creating

  • three related excerpts of the experiments in performing.

Packaging of upload 2

  • All practical evidence must be packaged into a single audio file (maximum 10 minutes).

  • The quality of the audio file must allow for a full understanding of the created and/or performed exercises.

  • The file is compiled in the following order.

    • Section 1: Three related excerpts of the student’s experiments in creating

    • Section 2: Three related excerpts of the student’s experiments in performing

Assessment criteria

Below is the assessment criteria from the IB Music Guide - pages 61-64

Experimenting With Music Assessment Criteria.pdf